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How can a local business get found outside of its local service area?

A new franchise opens its’ doors. Google thinks it serves clients in Livingston and a small number of neighboring towns. Pesky algorithms only reveal the business to people looking for Home Care in Livingston. The business serves towns far past what the algorithm has decided is within its boundaries. So the challenge is now two-fold.

  1. Convince Google this new business deserves to be on page 1 when someone is searching for Home Care inside of Livingston.
  2. Convince Google to reveal the business for searches like Home Care Montclair – a town outside of its’ service area.


Play two different games to appeal to two different algorithms

Google’s local search results, AKA the map pack, display businesses that are within a geographic proximity to the searchers intent. No problem, we give Google what it wants. A legitimate business, with great reviews, plenty of Citations (mentions of the business on other websites like directories). Oh, and make sure the businesses website is Google friendly. After all, Google is a robot. Robots read differently than humans. So let’s be sure when this robot comes along it can read the website and extract meaning out of it.

But what about those towns outside of the proximity Google Local has decided is appropriatte? Play to the other Google algorithm. That is, regular organic search results. Searchers looking for Home Care in Montclair should find a page for… drumroll….. Home care services n Montclair. Goodlab created a dozen or so town pages which directl address a searchers intent. And make Google happy to serve such a relevant result.


$1 million sales through an agency partner program

“The majority of our business has been coming through the internet based on our strong web presence and the web traffic we have been receiving through multiple digital channels.”

When the phones started ringing one of the owners said “All of a sudden the phones are ringing. This SEO stuff really works!”. In terms of local search results – This franchise is ranked #1-3 for at their 4 most important terms and ranked #3-12 for a variety of other terms.

As for towns outside the service area, several pages on their website are ranked #1 for relevant terms. These pages precisely target searchers looking for service in these towns. The owner describes calls coming in for towns where other home care providers have a home base. Yet, they get the calls instead because of their web presence in those areas.

`Upon opening the business, we reached out to David Kraljic, who came highly recommended to us. David did an amazing job for us and has a vast knowledge not only of SEO but most importantly in the Home Health Sector.

Mitchell Webber President Assisting Hands Home Care, Livingston

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