Focus Clinical Trial

Recruiting patients into clinical trials.

Client: FOCUS Clinical Trial
Date: 2017
Services: Digital Strategy, Website Design and Development


Recruiting patients into clinical trials is a business critical endeavor.

Developmental therapies need patients to prove their efficacy, safety and consequently prove value to investors. In rare diseases such as ovarian cancer, patient populations are small – micro-small. How does one find and convert such a small but active population?


Patient and caregiver behavior forms the cornerstone of the strategy 

Patients and caregivers search voraciously for information. Especially in life threatening diseases such as ovarian cancer. Further, the FOCUS Clinical Trial is up against the clock in terms of meeting recruitment goals. Understanding these dynamics Goodlab recommends a strategy that provided the most accurate targeting and fastest execution possible. Robust Adwords and Facebook campaigns led the way followed by a website designed to convert.

Part two is agility. Testing language used by patients versus industry jargon and medically complicated terms, Goodlab uncovers language understood by patients. In addition, since regulatory approval is required, Goodlab developed dozens of ads variants and corresponding landing pages before the campaign launched. Now, in a position to rapidly test ads and language Goodlab would have enough material to rapidly test and adjust on-the-fly without resubmitting ads for regulatory approvals.


Crushing industry click through and conversion averages feels good. Helping patients feels better.

FOCUS meets recruitment goals with average crushing click through rates and website conversions in 6 months time.

Goodlab achieves 7.3% click through rates and 12% conversion rates. Crushing clinical trial industry averages feels good.

``The results speak for themselves, Goodlab educated our team and delivered business critical results in an extremely challenging environment``

Jeff Sweeney Partner, Rare Expertise

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