Transitioning from print to digital?

Many publishers have faced the challenge. A publication started in print faces the digital realm. Goodlab took on the challenge.


First things first. Establish a properly search optimized home base. Second, leverage an existing asset – offline guest contributors and their online authority.  

PM360 produces significant amounts of content. Many of the articles published in their print publication are written by industry experts. With this offline network in place, it was pretty clear that the strategy should be to replicate the network online. After all, Google values links between authorities perhaps more than anything else. It is a clear example of guest blogging and marketing. One ready to provide both parties with valuable links that would propel all involved to the top of Google.


600% growth in web traffic

600% year over year growth in search traffic. 

In 2014 the site’s traffic skyrocketed. Every year after demonstrated growth. As a result, advertisers are happy which makes the publisher happy, which makes Goodlab happy. 🙂

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