Competing against huge political websites with tons of online authority? Fly under the radar.

VoteTocracy is an online platform where anyone can find a bill in Congress, vote on it and send their votes to their representatives. Politics are everywhere online, dominated by major players. How does a start-up breakthrough?


Fly under the radar by serving EXACTLY what people are searching for. 3,5000 search terms later we find some golden nuggets.

Most political articles are reactionary or news oriented. Goodlab knew it could not compete so we dug in to find out what people are really looking for beyond today’s headlines. After compiling a list of 3,500 search terms, their search volume and the competitive set… eureka! Goodlab found about 100 or so terms that had low competition but were highly relevant to the business. Terms centered around information finding about Congress turned out to be the sweat spot. Once visitors found the website they were easily converted to learn more. Goodlab proceeded to create pages to address these terms with the help of the client.


10,000 visitors from one article

1 article brings 10,000 visitors a month

“How does congress work”, “How many senators are there in Congress”, and terms like these were the center of the strategy. The site ranked 1 of the pages in the number 1 spot in Google. Now, it enjoys 10,000 visitors from just one article.

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