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SEO Training is a great way to expand you and your teams knowledge. When you find a great training course you can efficiently speed up your workflow, improve outcomes for you and your clients. Small businesses without a formal training department are an especially good fit for online training courses provided by industry experts. It’s like outsourcing training without the constant overhead expense.

Quality SEO training in particular is a tricky thing to find. With so many choices, how does one know which one to choose. Then there are different aspects to SEO and each training covers certain parts. Below is a quick guide to something we’ve found that might help shortcut your search for quality SEO training.

SEO processes

Let’s set aside the actual SEO part and look at managing the processes that agencies use to deliver SEO. SEO is a multi faceted practice. Client management, content creation and management, technical analysis and data, link building includes outreach prospecting, emailing and management, analytics installation and the eventual data reporting to internal teams and clients, then there is presentation to and managing the client. Finally, layer timelines and resources on top of all of this and you can quickly see how the process alone can bring an agency to its knees if they are not well organized.

Enter The Blueprint Training

Calling it a course would not do it justice. It is an operational system that includes training. One interesting aspect of this product is the systems are entirely based on Google Spreadsheets. We all use spreadsheets, SEOs love them. This course has taken it ten steps further and created and entire set of spreadsheets that talk to each other, effect each other and work together to produce and entire system an agency can use to manage their processes. Check it out here

Brian Dean’s SEO That Works

Brain Dean is probably one of the most reputable course producers in the SEO space. Why, anyone who can rank for terms like “backlinks” has proven they walk the walk. Further, he’s managed to beat out other SEO agencies who you might consider to be the most competitive when it comes to SEO. He’s an SEO that’s beat out many the other SEOs! From this point of view alone it stands to reason that “SEO that works” is a valuable course.

We’ll add more in just a few days.

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